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Dog & Cat Pals

I Love My Precious Pals and What I Do!

As a knowledgeable Pet Sitter I offer a full-range of services designed to give your pet the best care possible. Depending on their needs, I can tailor my service list to make sure they get all the attention they deserve and make sure their favorite things are included of course!


Meet  & Greet

 Leaving your precious fur babies with someone new can be nerve wracking, so I want you to feel as comfortable and as secure as possible leaving your pet with me! This is exactly why an initial FREE consultation is required at your home. There I will get acquainted with you and your furry family members!

What I will need from you:
Proof of Rabies and DHPP (Distemper) vaccines are REQUIRED!

~ Proof of Wellness Exam within 1 year.

~ Please make sure you have a working spare key ready along with any alarm codes. These will not be handed over until the end of the Meet & Greet and only if it seems like a good fit, you are comfortable and everyone's tails are wagging! If an additional visit is required to pick up the key there will be a key pick-up fee. I want to save you this fee so it's best to be prepared.

~ All your pet's important details: Vaccines, Daily routine, Medical Issues, Medications, Veterinary Info, Emergency contacts, Behavior, Likes/Dislikes, etc.

~ A tour of the house to show me where all your pet's essential items are located. I will be keeping an eye out to make sure it's escape proof, hazard free and there are no toxic items your pet has access to.

I will then tell you about myself and show you my portfolio (background check, proof of insurance, Pet CPR/First Aid Certificate, Certified Pet Sitter Certificate, my bio, resume, reviews, etc.) Then we will go over and sign your pets profile intake form, veterinary release form and the Service Agreement/Policies. Together we will come up with a pet care plan designed specifically for your pet.

I look forward to meeting you and your precious pal!       I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19!

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Pet Sitting
Dog Walking


Drop-in visits in the comfort of your pets very own home, where its cozy, quiet & familiar!

Whether you're going on vacation, traveling for business, on a weekend getaway or just out of town for a day, I will provide multiple visits per day tailored to your pets specific needs. Your pet will NEVER be alone more than 12 hours overnight, plus they'll be comfy & cozy in their own quiet home, instead of in a strange, noisy, scary new place.

Visits will include, but not limited to top quality care, lovins' & cuddles, playtime, walking or let outside in a fenced in yard, feeding/fresh water, treats, litter box change, any medications needed, text updates w/pictures & on the last visit your pet's very own adorable report card! You can be rest assured that your precious pet will be given my 100% undivided attention indeed!

Also, I will bring in your mail and adjust your blinds and lights, giving your home a lived in look to keep both your pet and your home safe & secure.


$27/30 min, $33/45 min or

$39/60 min

We all know exercise is crucial for a healthy, happy & fit dog.

My service is great for people who work long days, are on vacation or just have a very busy schedule and don't have the time. I will walk your dog around your neighborhood for 30 min at their own individual pace. High energy dogs will especially love this, or really any dog that just wants to get out, get moving & smell the fresh air.

Fresh water & a treat will be given afterwards.


$27/30 min

If you work long days and your pet is bored at home all alone or you just cant seem to find the time in your very busy schedule to give your pet that quality time they so deserve then this is a great choice! We can spend this time doing your pets favorite activities, whether it's outside in your fenced in yard playing fetch, frisbee or tug-a-war, or if your pet prefers to spend the time indoors getting loves, hugs & belly rubs we can do that instead!
Whatever your pet likes most we will be happy spending the time together doing just that! Text update w/pics & their very own report card!
Fresh water and a treat will be given afterwards.
  $27/30 min or $39/60 min

Add-On Light Grooming Services (For Dogs) 

      Nail Trim .......................  $10             

        Anal  Glands ...............  $20     

         Ear Cleaning .............. $10

                 Sanitary "Fanny" Trim $10


Bath, Brush & Dry

       0-25lbs        $20

               25-50lbs     $30             

 50-75lbs     $40       

  75lbs & up    $50+                    

Pick any of these grooming services above to be added on to your Pet Sitting, Dog Walking or Playtime/Companion visits!

Call to Book Now!  774-386-9311

Additional Fees

Additional Pets- 2nd pet is FREE, for each additional pet there will be a $5.00 fee per pet.

Medications- I am able to administer ALL types of medications, including insulin injections and sub-q fluids. Oral and topical medications are FREE of charge, however there will be a small fee of $3.00 for each insulin injection and an $8.00 fee for each Sub-q fluids administration.

Holidays- There will be a small fee of $7.00 per visit on each of the following holidays: New Years Eve(after 4pm), New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving week(Nov.20th-Nov.26th) and Christmas week(Dec.22nd-Dec.29th.

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