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Nikki provided professional and warm-hearted care to our two cats while we were away recently. I appreciated the text messages and pictures she sent with each visit. I highly recommend her.
                              *****    ~ Paul D.

Nicole is seriously the best! She is so kind and compassionate and really loves all the animals she comes into contact with. She's taken care of my cat on multiple occasions. My cat was very skiddish when we first adopted her. Nicole got her to come out of her favorite hiding place and has become so comfortable in her environment. We love you Nicole!
                                             *****   ~Shandi R.

I have known Nikki for 6 years, She was a trusted and reliable employee at my restaurant until I sold it and is now a trusted and reliable tenant and friend. She is very helpful to my elderly parents that live in the same property without asking for anything in return. Just a caring soul with an amazing passion and love for all animals to go along with a tremendous amount of knowledge on how to train and care for them. I highly recommend her services and would be happy to provide a recommendation. Hire this gal, your pet will thank you! 
                                                               *****   ~Dino S.

Nicole is caring and compassionate. My husband and I had planned a vacation before we adopted our puppy Rosco, so the shelter we adopted him from agreed to keep him for an extra week for us. Nicole took it upon herself to go visit our lil Rosco at the shelter so he would get extra love and cuddles. Rosco was used to us visiting him weekly at the shelter so Nicole didn't want him to feel lonely.   She is always willing to go the extra mile for all her animal companions and will treat your animals like her own!       
                                                          *****    ~Danielle M.     

Nikki was tremendous in all aspects of my dogs care! She was continually in contact with me, sending me pictures of the boys and informing me of how they were doing. She continually went above and beyond to make sure the boys were happy and well taken care of. I can't recommend her services enough, it was very affordable and well worth every penny!
                                                                   *****  ~ Sean A.

Nicole was absolutely amazing! She is a true animal lover and she has all her credentials in order and she will definitely follow instructions and take good care of your animal as she did mine. I can't recommend her enough, she was amazing and I felt so much better on my trip knowing that my kids were being taken care of. And this time I came home they were well healthy and not stressed out like other times Iv'e come home and it's taken them days to get back to a good level of health. They were so happy I was home, but again they were healthy and not super stressed out like times before. What a difference a great pet sitter can make!
                                                                *****   ~ Kathy K.

Nicole rocks! Three weeks in and my pups are beginning to understand their new routine. And they so look forward to Nicole's arrival. If I could afford it I'd hire her M-F. She's the best!
                                                 *****     ~ Brooke S.

I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking for a pet sitter and wants to have a kind, responsible, and knowledgeable person to care for their pets while they're away and be able to enjoy their time off without having to worry about their pets, as they would be in safe and very capable hands. She puts your heart at ease by communicating with you frequently when she is watching your pet. She did a great job watching my cats.
                                                   *****    ~ Melissa S.

Nikki is by far an admirable and extremely knowledgeable pet sitter to say the least, she has outstanding qualities and is truly gifted when it comes to animals. She is by far the most caring and giving pet sitter that we have ever had the pleasure of using. We have never had such an honest, pleasing experience, she is definitely an A+.
                                                                    *****      ~ Max M.

Nicole has pet sit for us on multiple occasions. She has formed a great relationship with our cat. She is very professional and highly recommended to anyone looking for a pet sitter.
                                                            *****  ~Nick M.

I have known Nicole for many years. She has always been an animal lover. She has watched my dogs many times when I have gone on vacation or just stopped in while I'm at work. My dog Sky is a pit bull  and can be aggressive . Nicole has always been able to handle her without any issues! Nicole is the best pet sitter I know!
                                                                 *****   ~ Alyscia A.

Nicole is the most loving and caring dog mom around! She is a wonderful, trustworthy and reliable pet sitter and my dogs just adore her. I am so lucky I found her for my dogs, I will never use anyone else! She is experienced in all aspects of animal care and I have total piece of mind while my dogs are in her care.
                                               *****    ~ Nancy L.


A Gal & Her Pals is definitely a great outlet for people who need someone trustworthy and extremely caring to watch over their pets and have total piece of mind while you are separated from your loved ones. Nicole's love for all animals is extremely satisfying, especially after having bad experiences with care givers in the past. She is the real deal and it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to be away from your pets without worry!
                                                            *****      ~ Peggy C.

Nicole is by far our first choice when we need a pet sitter for our fur babies. She is prompt, reliable, trustworthy and very loving, always making our fur babies her number one priority. She keeps us updated and sends us photos, regularly, so we are confident our pets are in the best hands. I would have no hesitation while we are away and that Nicole  will take care and keep our fur babies happy and healthy. I was a pet sitter so I know exactly what to look for in such a personal and important decision. I highly recommend her!
                                                            *****   ~ Darlene P.

Nikki's care is as good as it gets. She is so attentive to the needs of each of our pets and follows instructions exactly. She goes above and beyond to make us all completely safe and comfortable. I am so appreciative and glad that I found her! She is a trustworthy person and her practices are professional yet adaptable to our version of pet life. Her top priority seems to be the happiness and welfare of our pets.
It is quite remarkable... she really loves doing this work.
                                                                              *****   ~ Ellen O.

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